From Our Story to Telling Your Story

Our story as providers of SOLUTIONS using visual content, is one of creativity and dedication; creativity in crafting a SOLUTION that is unique to you, and dedication to get results.

With years of experience in the world of cinematography behind us, we recognized that you, the client, needed a SOLUTION much more than just a quality video or photograph.


In order to reach that SOLUTION we came to the realization that it was crucial to work with you, learn as much about you as possible and evaluate your needs in order to craft the best SOLUTION for you, and create compelling images that would tell your unique story.

At STOKES Entertainment it is our desire to give you more than a simple cinematic service. We understand that the focus should be on what matters to you and that by working together we will be able to find the best SOLUTION for you by capturing your vision, creating the content you need in order to get your message out there and grow your business.

From our story to telling your story.

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