Frequently Asked Questions


Q:How are you operating during the COVID-19 pandemic?

A: For more info about how we're working amidst the pandemic, CLICK HERE!


Q:What are your rates?

A: Our rates are PROJECT BASED. This means that your rate depends on several logistical factors relevant to producing your project. These factors include service location(s), time spent at those locations, equipment rentals, number of crew members at time of service,travel/lodging,post production,etc. To get a quote for the service(s) you need, please fill out the Discovery Form by clicking HERE!

Q:Where are you located & how far do you travel?

A: We are based in Brookhaven,PA. Our primary service areas include Delaware County (PA),Philadelphia (PA), New Jersey, & The State of Delaware! However, we can TRAVEL to you if you are located elsewhere!

Q:What is your turn around (delivery) time-frame for video production and photography?

A: Typically within 1-2 Weeks. However, this can vary based on project and the number of projects in our editing queue at the time of your booking. Your editing can be EXPEDITED for an additional fee.        

Q:How will I receive my finished video/photos?

A: All Video Files will be distributed in digital format. You also have the option of purchasing DVD & USB Formats.

All Photo Files will be distributed on a USB Flash Drive.

Q:Why can't you use popular songs that are on the radio in my video?

A:  Because of copyright laws, we can only use licensed music in our productions. With that said, popular songs that you hear on the radio can cost thousands of dollars to license. This applies to both full songs AND instrumentals

Q:What if something happens to my video or photos?

A: We archive all of our finished projects. If something happens, please contact us immediately so we can help you!

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